"Economy is not a matter of price...the years of wear & the satisfaction you get is the true measure of value."

Chaps and Chinks that are made to look good and stand up to the hardest of use. The possibilities are endless.....twisted fringe, conchos, initials, brands, pockets.  The only limit is your imagination and mine!

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 Chap Options 

How to Measure

How to Clean your Chaps & Chinks

1. Double Curled Fringe, Spots and Filligree

2. Tinted & Flower Carved Belts with Rolled Edge, Laced Shield & Squared Bottom

3. Rose Carved Belts and Leg Shield, Cut-in Fringe

4. Plain belts with double twisted fringe

5. Daisy Flower carved Zipper Chap

6.  Double Twisted Fringe with Mahogany Carlos border belts

7. Cut in fringe with plain leg shield

8. Oldstyle Batwings

9. Rose carved Belts, black edging

10. Back Buckle Belt with squared bottom

11. Double Twisted Fringe, Rolled edge and Rose Flower Carved belts

12. Double Twisted Fringe, Flower Carved and Rounded Bottom

13. Basket Stamped Zipper Chap with Laced/Concho side detail

14. Basket Stamped Belts and Cut-in Curly Fringe

15. Heavy Working Style with Brand

16. Cutting Chap with twisted fringe and Rolled Edge

17. Rodeo Chaps with Doubled Fringe and Cowhide Detail

18. Double Twisted Fringe with Rolled Edge

19. Fancy Step-in Arizona Bells

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